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A percentage of sales from this gallery are donated to the Humane Society of North Bay. Thank you for supporting the Animals...until they all find a home.
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If you prefer your picture to have a template to show your support to HSNB please send us as email at [email protected] with the gallery Name and File/Folder number.
Thank you.
Amy harris 7854Allison KhroustalevAmy Harris 7857 high resCarol MerklingCarol MurrayCarol TalbotClark MillhollandElaine HughesLeti Luna A leg up RescueKate WairwrightLonnie SmithSandra Verboom 7942Sandra Verdoom 7848Scott SolidaySandra Verdoom 7849Victor Entes 7894Victor Entes 7899Zita Mc Kindsey1Q1W78381Q1W7839