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Stare - Paperkite (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

First MTV of Pixel Creations Video


Produced and Directed by:
Martin A.

Production Manager:
Glenda Bule
Jing Aurelio

Martin Aurelio
JB Verances

Video Editor:
JB Verances

BTS Photographer:
Joe Lozada
Jose Bule

Production Assistants:
Josh Machacon
Aubrey Patt

IT Expert:
Jeremy Bagnol

Editor Consultant:
Maria Guevarra

Visual Consultant:
Merie Dizon

Production Consultant:
Reveleen Zuniga

Make-Up Artist 1:
Indira Galve

Make-Up Artist 2:
Mariliza A

Special Effects Utility:
Lyndon Delago
Jay Galve

Property Management:
Mohammed Yusuf

Location Manager:
Nassib Yusuf

Special Thanks to
Dan Struwe
DL Equipment
Mare Island Properties
Vallejo Bus Transit

performed by: Paperkite
Vocals/Rythms: Robbie Reyes
Lead Guitar: Arman Caldea
Bass Guitar: Vic Ammay
Jay Galve: Drums

Copyright of Pixel Creations